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Land consultation /survey (जग्गा छनोट परामर्श )

What type of land is best suited for you? 

If you are looking to buy a land for your home/ buildings, there are few things to be considered while making your decision. If you select a site before the needs assessment, you may compromise on key design aspects due to site limitations. 

1. Purpose of the building  : you should always confirm what are your priorities of your building whether it’s for residential purpose, commercial, warehouse, restaurant , or other purposes. 

2.Location : the plot should be in a locality where thing like  community service(police protection , fire protection , waste management ) , utility service (water supply , electricity, drainage) , amenities (School, hospitals, recreational facilities ) , wider access roads and means of transportation , raw materials for construction are easily available . 

3. Shape and size: the plot should not have sharp corners and irregular in shape . Meeting requirements of owner, bigger plots are preferred for future extension regarding laws. 

4. Government laws:  In context of Nepal , building permits are provided from municipality and the by- laws may differ from each municipality . Owner should always be concerned about on which zone the land is located? can you get permit for construction?  ? how much of your land should be left for road extension in future (R.O.W, SETBACK) ? Are there any rivers, streams, high tension wires nearby? How many floors / total area you could build?

5. Land condition : The land should be preferably in elevated place for easy access of sewage line , drainage for rain water . The soil type should be dense, rock or sand below 60-120cm for economical design of foundation. Preferable soil bearing capacity should be 120 kN/m2 and above. 

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